In 1991, the Federations of Salesian Youth Centers decided to create the Don Bosco Confederation.

At the beginning of the 90s, there were four Federations of Salesian Youth Centers in Spain: the El Patio de Andalucía Federation, the Don Bosco Federation of Catalonia, the Valdoco Federation of Madrid and the Don Bosco Federation of the Valencian Community.

Meeting on May 12, 1991, within the framework of the VIII State Meeting of Youth Centers held in the city of Pamplona, they decided to form a state-wide structure: the Don Bosco Confederation of Youth Centers of Spain.

This is how the Don Bosco Confederation was born with the vocation of helping local centers through their federations, offering them legal channels and participation, training resources, technical and financial resources, support and advice. Any initiative that contributes to its development and growth as structures for education, prevention and youth participation.

The Don Bosco Confederation has consolidated, in these years of existence, a structural and participation model fully capable of carrying out its tasks, which is at the service of all the Salesian and Salesian youth centers in Spain, including those who do not participate. of the federative structures but they share our identity and charism.



Birth of the Don Bosco Federation

May 12

Incorporation of the Federations of Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid and the Valencian Community


Incorporation of the Federations of Murcia, Aragon, Galicia, Castilla y León, Euskadi, and finally, the Canary Islands


Recognition "Silver Cross of the Civil Order of Solidarity"


Award for the trajectory of social Solidarity


Reina Sofía Prize Against Drugs


Award for the best idea of the year for the Recognize project on the recognition of skills acquired in volunteering

Official transfer of the Headquarters of the Confederation to Madrid within the framework of the National Center for Salesian Youth Ministry


Finalist Award for Social Innovation for the Reconoce project