At the Don Bosco Confederation we work to offer volunteer experiences in Salesian youth centers in other European countries, welcoming volunteers, seminars and training meetings and international camps with the collaboration of the network Don Bosco Youth-Net, an organization that brings together youth organizations from different countries around the world. We also participate in different activities of the Erasmus + European mobility program. In addition to participating in activities of other European organizations and entities.

For the confederation this area is an important bet, since it is a very simple way of offering activities in the international arena.
We also have an International Operational Group, in which different young people from our youth centers participate.

Get to know our international programs

During the summer holidays, the Summer Exchange experience is proposed in which Salesian youth organizations from all over Europe offer animators from other Don Bosco Youth Net centers the opportunity to participate in their local volunteer projects in playgrounds and oratories. Summer Exchange of Animators serves to collect the possibilities of international exchange.

Summer Exchange of Animators is a general concept that includes all projects that meet the following requirements: the project must be a short-term volunteer commitment that lasts only a couple of weeks, the volunteer will be active as an animator, the project must be linked to the Don Bosco network and must take place during the summer holidays.

The Don Bosco Confederation has been sending and hosting volunteers to the Summer Exchange of Animators for more than 10 years.

Don Bosco Youth-Net is an international network of youth organizations that work in the style of Don Bosco in the different provinces of Europe. Among their activities they carry out international meetings, training for volunteers (in Spain and other European countries), with volunteer exchanges for activities in youth centers and summer camps.

The Don Bosco Confederation is currently a member organization of the Don Bosco Youth-Net, along with 17 other organizations in 16 European countries.

Its objectives are:

  • Unite young people from Europe and the world, to participate in youth activities that are linked to the style of work through the spirit of Don Bosco.
  • Organize international initiatives that contribute to the full development of young people. Expand opportunities for young people who, for various reasons, are excluded from this type of activity.
  • In addition to a deep exchange of information, ideas and experiences between the different partners.
  • And finally, to represent the voice of the youth of Don Bosco and defend their interests at the international level.

The DBYN is a very important learning tool for our young animators and / or recipients, either through participation in the Network’s own government bodies, sharing with other similar entities in other countries, such as project opportunities (es that is, participation in shared exchange and training activities.

Erasmus + is the EU program in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2021-2027.

Education, training, youth and sports are key areas that support citizens in their personal and professional development. High-quality inclusive education and training, as well as informal and non-formal learning, ultimately equip young people and participants of all ages with the qualifications and skills necessary for their meaningful participation in democratic society, intercultural understanding and the successful transition in the labor market.

Within the framework of some Erasmus + actions (mainly mobility actions), Don Bosco Confederation is a participating organization that sends different people to participate in an Erasmus + project activity.

Within the framework of some Erasmus + actions (mainly mobility actions), the Don Bosco Confederation is a host organization, which welcomes different people to participate and organizes one or more activities of an Erasmus + project.