Our research projectUse of social networks and the Internet in minors during their free time, is a sociological study designed with pedagogical and preventive purposes.

Our motivation stems from the need to carry out aninvestigation that focuses on the perception and experience of minors themselves, in terms of extreme use and risks with new technologies and the internet.


Our purpose with this project is to know, analyze and delve into topics of social interest such as the digital divide, digital violence and onlinereference systems for minors.

Thanks to the practical, playful and participatory methodology, it allows us to promote preventive action while collecting significant data to advance in the understanding of this reality, in a structured and systematic way.

With their actions, we have succeeded in launching a series of messages in favor of the necessary information and awareness regarding the prevention of discrimination and violence.

And we have also offered guidance through visibilityand support in action strategies for educational leaders and potential victims.