Since the creation of the Don Bosco Confederation, the Federations and Youth Centers have endeavored to promote activities and projects that broaden the range of participation possibilities for minors and young people, placing them at the center of the intervention and giving them the leading rolethat corresponds to them.

The purpose is to promote social transformation from concrete proposals for youth promotion, improving the preparation of childhood and youth by training and supporting people capable of deciding on their own development and providing solutions in their closest environment.

Responding to the need to value minors and young people through a comprehensive education that helps them in their personal development and in their relationship with others. We respond to social demand and we have alternative proposals that place boys and girls as actors and central axis of their development and that guarantee the full development of their rights; making them visible in a setting where they are the protagonists and can assume, in a natural way, their condition as social beings.

Our vision of participation is therefore linked to a whole process of vital transformation, both individually and collectively. In this process, information, being present in the spaces where decisions are made, being consulted about different options, being part of that decision-making are factors that facilitate the development of a real and active participation.